GenCon 2015

I attended GenCon again this year. Its 4 days of gaming which I figured out this year I’ve been doing for over 20 years and if you count Axis and Allies it might be beyond 25 years. I doubt when my father introduced me and a friend to Axis and Allies all those years ago, as a way to keep us occupied and out of the adults hair, he imagined it would be a lifelong hobby. One of the good things about being closer to Indy is that I am again able to connect with the 19&one gaming club in Indianapolis. A few of these guys I have known since college and I think we put on a pretty good set of games for GenCon attendees. This year we offered 10 games of the 3D Game of Thrones game which is pretty impressive if you consider that those games ran 4 hours each and had 6 players. That’s a lot of hours gaming. We had a great placement in the gaming hall this year so we had a ton of traffic and it seemed like a picture was being taken of the game every 5 minutes or so. A fellow priest from Iowa came in and he ran the bulk of them. One bonus for him was that the guys who run Boardgame Geek stopped by and he got to talk with them about the game. I also ran a couple of American Civil War games using my simple rules. […]

Gen Con 2014 in review

My annual trip to Gen Con was a great one this year. The geek fest for RPGs, board games, miniatures, and fans of fantasy and SciFi stuff attracted about 50K people from around the world and certainly the most of the United States. The club I belong to puts on games during the event and I put on about 11 games in 4 days so while fun it is exhausting. My games went very well and I only had a couple folks who tested everyone’s nerves during play. The 3D Game of Thrones board went over great. Lots of folks gawking and taking pictures. I also put on a couple of 10mm American Civil war games as well as a couple of made up game of 2nd American Civil War with the scenario concerning a communist attack on docks in Chicago. Lots of fun and lots of hours at the game table (about 45 hours playing games in a 96 hour period) The gaming hall was huge this year and I strained my voice while running games with 10K people around me playing games as well. The dealer hall was packed every day at all hours and they had some stuff there that is hard to find at any other time. I am always amused at the coverage that Gen Con gets in the news. They always seem to focus on the Cosplay folks (people wearing costumes) but this year felt like to me there were fewer of these but […]

3D “Game of Thrones” Board Game pt. 2

A simple follow up post with more pictures of the tracts and and details of the board and pieces.

3D “Game of Thrones” Boardgame

Last GenCon I had a brain storm to turn the Fantasy Flight Game “Game of Thrones” into a 3D map board and use 15mm miniatures to represent the troops. The idea came from seeing a big map board of an old game called “Kingmaker” at some gaming conventions about 10 years ago. The guys who made it used miniatures to play the game and that sight always remained in my mind. So after playing “Game of Thrones” for a couple years I realized that I could make a pretty cool thing by turning this 2D map into a 3D map board. I emailed Fantasy Flight Games and got permission to do the project and I think they also plan to sponsor some games at this coming GenCon that our Club will be putting on. The Board has come along nicely. It is roughly 2 ½ times the size of the board game map. I began by buying the base board. I then cut out the map and the provinces and kept gluing them to other poster boards and building up the layers. This gave it a topographical map look and after this part was finished I added mountains and various terrain making materials to make the map to make it look life like from a ravens view, all be it a space ravens view. To represent the game components such as castles and strongholds I sculpted the pieces and then cast them. The figures I purchased and painted up to match […]