If you like Fly fishing for Carp I highly recommend this podcast and online magazine. They just posted the 4th installment and its got some great info on the physiology of Carp….I now have more excuses as to why I don’t catch fish. CarpPro    

Off to the March

My parish and I are off to the March for Life. While I lived in DC I was never able to attend but since getting ordained I have attended every year. Last year over 400,000 were in attendance and this year with it being the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade it is expected to be higher. We will see. It is pretty amazing to see this number of people show up year after year for this cause and it is even more amazing that hardly anyone covers it. We live in a great country because we are able to peacefully protest but I pray that we can become greater. Say a little pray for our safe travel and pray for the cause if you’re able.

The Wooden Boat Project

1/21/13 I really don’t like sanding, especially in the tight corners of a boat. I again sanded the corners and joints trying to smooth them out and make them nicer not only for looks but also cleaning after trips. Lots of work with 60 grit sandpaper. After a couple of hours I got them to the point that I was at least satisfied for now. I’m sure later I’ll go back in and do a better job but it is tedious work and not that much fun. I did go back in with more thickened epoxy in the corners of the ribs and sides because they were two pitted and just plain ugly. I also flipped the boat and sanded down the outside and smoothed and shaped the prow. I was pretty happy with how this turned out. I flipped the boat back and drilled two holes at the top of the prow. My friend (flatswalker) suggested that I put in some copper or brass pipe to make it nice and smooth for the ropes so that’s what I did. I bought some nice strong 5mm rope to use. The original design for the boat only had one hole for the rope I wanted to have two so that when it was retracted back into the boat it would simply be a smooth bump so that it would be less likely to catch the fly line. It was also time to attach the boards that the benches will sit on. […]


  I’ve been working on a zombie game. Zombies are all the rage lately and they are simple and fun to play. Which makes them great games to play with kids who have never seen let alone played a miniature game. So after gathering up some toy cars and making a little terrain and painting up a few DELTA style figures I set up a game last night at youth group. The background had their group of survivors running out of gas on highway. Their way is blocked by an old accident on the road and so they have to run to the other end of the table and pick up the gas and run back while trying not to be killed by the zombie horde. I put a couple of tokens out to “pop” zombies when they come in line of sight and also smattered a few around the board to make things interesting. The other way that zombies “popped” was whenever they fired their weapons. I used an eight sided die for the number of zombies and the top point of the die pointed to the area of the table edge they came in on. The rules were simple, sided die for all rolls and simple to hit number and then a servility roll to see if they took out the target. Characters moved 6” normally but could run. Zombies moved a normal 5” but could not run. Like I said simple. It had to be played in […]

The Wooden Boat Project

1-14-13 This week I continued with my work on the chines, which is the joint of the side and floor. Last time I laid down the thickened epoxy, fiber glass tape, and more epoxy. The mistake I made was to put thickened epoxy back over top of the fiber glass tape. It was so thick that it was hard to get smooth. So when I went to sand this week I could see that it was going to take a lot of work. I decided that instead of sanding it down to add more thickened epoxy in the hope that it would help even it out. I did have to sand all of the epoxy so that the new epoxy would stick to the old. This should make it better but my guess is that I will have to do this again next week. With the help of my father and one of his coworkers we flipped the boat. I was amazed at how light it was and how sturdy if felt. It was a pretty cool felling. I then spent the rest of the day clipping off the plastic zip ties and working to remove the wire ties. The plastic ties clipped easy and sanded down just as fast as the wood so they presented no problem. It was a little more involved process to get the wire out of their holes as they were glued in. I clipped the top side of the wire close to the bottom of the boat I […]

Candy Board Bees

With it being over 60 degrees today I decided I’d check in on the bees. They seem to be doing well. Every hive is still going and most have begun to work on the candy boards I placed on top. A couple and already put a big dent in the sugar blocks which might mean I have to put some more food in for them. This is the first time I used a candy board but so far I’m happy with the results but we will see how they look at the end of winter.

The wooden boat project ch2

1-7-13 After I celebrated the Epiphany masses and three baptisms I headed back to my parents’ house and my Dad’s workshop to work on my boat. Before New Years I had stitched the boat together and then put the first of many coats of epoxy on the seams. Today I renewed the gluing process by thickening up some epoxy and putting it into the seams and rounding out the corners. Then I placed 3” fiber glass tape on top of that thickened glue and then soaked the tape with epoxy. Soaking the tape with epoxy took a tremendous amount of glue and I had to go back and work with the brush and push the glue into the tape in certain spots that just didn’t want to take the glue. I made sure to smooth it out the best I could. I then let this dry until it became tacky. I put another layer of slightly thickened glue on the seam and tape again. And let it dry until tacky. I wasn’t satisfied with the seams and my friend recommended that I thicken up the corner seam. So that’s what I did. This again took a lot of glue and was pretty tedious as it was very thick. Imagine trying to stir peanut butter about 20 times. I then smeared it in the corners and smoothed it out. If I had to do it all over again I would have put this under the fiber glass tape because I think it would look a little better […]


I’m off to my annual retreat at St. Meinrad. Every priest is suppose to take a yearly retreat and since my ordination in 2008 I’ve always taken mine at St. Meinrad where I was trained. I love the place. I really love the place this time of year because no one is there. It’s just me and the monks and the liturgy and beauty of the place. Back on the 5th.  

The Wooden Boat Project -ch 1

So it’s hunting season and I am thinking about fishing. It never fails. I’m never satisfied. So while I’m sitting in the stand and looking for deer I’m thinking about fishing. A friend of mine, the guy who really showed me how to fly fish, built this boat from no plan other than a picture in his brain. . It’s really nice and pretty amazing because it easy to stand up in and can be used both on lakes and rivers. In other words it’s just what I’m looking for. I’ve done some research and it does look like other boats out there and a “Ghenoe” would be something very similar to what I’m looking for although I don’t think a “Ghenoe” would do the river and the “massive”to put some meat in the freezer and maybe a rack on the wall I’m thinking about warmer days looking for fish in water. I’ve always dreamed of building a boat and this summer I found the one to build. Indiana rapids as well as this boat I’m planning to build. Plus my thought process finally led me to the point that I knew that I will always want to build a boat and so why not do it now. I have the space and I guess the time. Plus my friend is still alive, so I can bug him on how its done. I’m calling it project Pisces, Latin for fish (plural). I’m no expert on Latin; one class that I all but flunked in seminary does not […]