The wooden boat



This week I started priming and painting the boat. I gave one good last look over on the sanding and hit a couple of spot that were bad. I then cleaned up the inside, wiped it down and got it prepped for the primer. The primer was a two part epoxy primer. At first my plan was just to cover the epoxied areas on the inside and then use another primer for the bare wood but I decided just do the entire inside with one primer to make it simpler. Once the primer was on I hit it with some sandpaper and cleaned it up again and then started applying the paint. The paint was a little glossy for my taste but that’s the way it goes. Most of it will be covered up with anti-fatigue matting. It took two coats of paint to get the coverage I wanted. After this was complete and it dried up a bit.


I opened up the hull paint and used it to cover the bow and the edge. This gave me a good idea of how it will look when it is complete. The only other interesting thing was the fumes from this paint and primer. It was overwhelming and a bit hard to work with because it is still chilly outside so I had to heat up the place then paint and open up the windows and doors and blow the fumes out with a fan. There was one point I could actually see the fumes lingering in the air.

My Dad did some work to the seats. He rounded the edges and sanded them down. We also worked on the risers for the oar locks. These came out pretty good. They are very stout and will definitely do the job and be a solid mount. It is coming along nice.



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