The wooden boat project

  3-24-13 It is finished. Just in time for Easter and a late March snow storm. Maybe I’ll get it out on the water soon if it ain’t frozen. I’,m sure there are a few things that I’ll do to it like minor modification and such but its done. Now I just hope it floats.

The wooden Boat

3-18-13 I did very little work on the boat this week. Most of my time was spent fixing up the trailer. I did however get the VIN numbers on the boat and trailer that the state sent me. Conveniently the BMV was not open on Monday so I guess I’ll try Tuesday morning when they first open. The little work that I did do on the boat was to sand down and patch up the mess we made last week when we flipped the boat and pulled half the side off. I started to paint over the patched area and dad will finish it up this week. The trailer I purchased was not bad but it needed to be sanded and to knock of the rust and flaking paint. I then painted it with the bed liner paint that should help with scuffing. I also worked on the brace at the front of the trailer that will hold the wench. After I removed the old wiring Dad wired up the new lights. I also added some treated 2x4s which I will cover outdoor carpet. It looks better than it did and the only remaining problems are getting the license plate and the hull number plus getting some new tires for the trailer and we should be set. Next week should finish it up. Hard to believe. I started just after Christmas and pretty much did a day a week. So under 15 days.

Swarm Traps

Every year bees have the habit of swarming. This is because of a number of reasons but mainly they feel like they get crowded and need some room so the queen takes off and about half the hive with her. Bee Keepers try to keep this from happening in their hives but it happens. Wild hives swarm as well. This is really how bees multiply and spread out. It’s also a good way to get some free bees. I have two people who want to get some bees this year and I of course am always on the lookout for another hive. Last year I heard through our local bee club that a guy was making swarm traps and had already caught a lot of swarms, like 50+. I joined him for his swarm catching expedition. The way he did it was to have some boxes built that he hung up around the county. These boxes were pretty slick in their design and while he did not invent them it seemed to be me he had pretty much perfected it.  If I remember correctly his rules for catching swarms were these. Hang the trap about 10 feet up. Brace it against whatever you hang it in so it doesn’t swing in the wind and the bigger the box the bigger the swarm but you know they are insects so no guarantee. I got three swarms from him last year. I collected a couple of swarms on my own last year as well […]

The wooden boat project

3-11-13 Ooops. This is what happens when you flip the boat with only one screw holding the middle seat in place. The result is a bent screw followed by the epoxied board ripping off the side. They only positive thing was that I had a better reaction than my dad. I just struggled he was more annoyed that I had to do more work. It is odd to do my first repair before I get it on the water but this thing is made to work and not sit there so I’m sure more is to come.

The wooden boat

3-10-13 Almost done. My father worked on the benches and the oar locks this week. He put a few clear coats on the wood and the red oak really looks great. We started to screw the benches onto the hull. We need to get some smaller screws for the middle bench as the combination of a not so tight fit and the angle of the side conspire to make the screws go in a little weird. I stained the gunnels so that they are closer in color to the red oak. These will be clear coated by dad during the coming week. He will also cut out and clear coat some oak plates for the transom so that a motor has something to grip and oak will hold up better to the clamps. We tested out the oarlocks with the seat to make sure their position was good and also to let me know where I need to wrap the leather around the oars to make them quitter to row. I also cut out mats for the floor. These of course will help keep the boat quiet, help us stay out longer with less fatigue, and also protect the floor. I then worked on the bow. I added the rope that will be used as a tie it down. I also painted a design and the name on the bow and also placed a cross of St. Benedict at the top. I also cut out some boards that I hope […]

Spring is coming

  Hang on girls things will be blooming soon.

The Wooden Boat Project

3-4-13 This week I flipped the boat upside down and painted the Hull. I put three coats on after I primed it. You can see more flaws in the boast after you paint but overall I’m still happy with it. Not much else to report other than I started the paper work to get the trailer and boat registered. Next week we will put the seats in and install the oar locks. I will most likely work on making the casting platforms and cutting the mats for the floor and maybe do some work on the trailer.