The wooden boat




Almost done. My father worked on the benches and the oar locks this week. He put a few clear coats on the wood and the red oak really looks great. We started to screw the benches onto the hull. We need to get some smaller screws for the middle bench as the combination of a not so tight fit and the angle of the side conspire to make the screws go in a little weird. I stained the gunnels so that they are closer in color to the red oak. IMG_20130310_211013_649These will be clear coated by dad during the coming week. He will also cut out and clear coat some oak plates for the transom so that a motor has something to grip and oak will hold up better to the clamps. We tested out the oarlocks with the seat to make sure their position was good and also to let me know where I need to wrap the leather around the oars to make them quitter to row. I also cut out mats for the floor. These of course will help keep the boat quiet, help us stay out longer with less fatigue, and also protect the floor. I then worked on the bow. I added the rope that will be used as a tie it down. I also painted a design and the name on the bow and also placed a cross of St. Benedict at the top.

IMG_20130310_175733_171I also cut out some boards that I hope to use as casting platforms. These rest on the benches and will be covered with the same padding as I used for the mats on the floor. Monday I’m going to do some work on the trailer. I’m still working on the papers for the boat and the trailer so hopefully I can get that finished up next week.  So besides a few nuts and bolts- literally- it’s all but done. I can’t wait to take it out, maybe Easter Monday at the latest.


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  • Sandi says:

    You and Russ are doing in incredible job bringing the wood to life. I look forward to viewing the finished product.

  • You and your father are doing a wonderful job and I hope this wooden boat comes out looking fantastic. This sounds like a wonderful project to do and spend some quality time with the family, looking forward to hearing more updates!

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