The wooden Boat



I did very little work on the boat this week. Most of my time was spent fixing up the trailer. I did however get the VIN numbers on the boat and trailer that the state sent me. Conveniently the BMV was not open on Monday so I guess I’ll try Tuesday morning when they first open.


The little work that I did do on the boat was to sand down and patch up the mess we made last week when we flipped the boat and pulled half the side off. I started to paint over the patched area and dad will finish it up this week.


The trailer I purchased was not bad but it needed to be sanded and to knock of the rust and flaking paint. I then painted it with the bed liner paint that should help with scuffing. I also worked on the brace at the front of the trailer that will hold the wench. After I removed the old wiring Dad wired up the new lights. I also added some treated 2x4s which I will cover outdoor carpet. It looks better than it did and the only remaining problems are getting the license plate and the hull number plus getting some new tires for the trailer and we should be set. Next week should finish it up. Hard to believe. I started just after Christmas and pretty much did a day a week. So under 15 days.

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