I’ve always been fascinated by sailing and after going up to Lake Michigan for a couple of years I interested in learning how to sail. Lucky for me a couple at the parish had an old Sunfish sailboat sitting in their garage. The one problem was that the fiberglass body had a big hole in it so they have lent it to me to use as long as I patch the hole. Well the hole has been patched and I have gone sailing the last two Mondays. There has not been much wind these days but today was little better than last Monday. It’s fun to go out for a couple of hours and learn the ropes and learn how little wind can push me and a small boat around the lake.

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  • Julie Neyer says:

    I’ve never been sailing but I imagine it to be quiet and calming……unless of course you’re racing…………..ha.

    • Debbie Gossett says:

      I had always been interested in kayaking. I finally went in August with my nephew and his friend and I was hooked. I went again the next Saturday and took four relatives ages 9-60. I’m waiting for some serious rainfall and then I’m going to go again. We were on the Whitewater River right here in our area. I like being able to propel myself through the water at my own speed as opposed to being in a canoe with another person. I love being outdoors. It was very peaceful.

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