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3D AGoThalf wayoverviewclose up pykeintenseclose up endLast GenCon I had a brain storm to turn the Fantasy Flight Game “Game of Thrones” into a 3D map board and use 15mm miniatures to represent the troops. The idea came from seeing a big map board of an old game called “Kingmaker” at some gaming conventions about 10 years ago. The guys who made it used miniatures to play the game and that sight always remained in my mind. So after playing “Game of Thrones” for a couple years I realized that I could make a pretty cool thing by turning this 2D map into a 3D map board. I emailed Fantasy Flight Games and got permission to do the project and I think they also plan to sponsor some games at this coming GenCon that our Club will be putting on.

The Board has come along nicely. It is roughly 2 ½ times the size of the board game map. I began by buying the base board. I then cut out the map and the provinces and kept gluing them to other poster boards and building up the layers. This gave it a topographical map look and after this part was finished I added mountains and various terrain making materials to make the map to make it look life like from a ravens view, all be it a space ravens view. To represent the game components such as castles and strongholds I sculpted the pieces and then cast them. The figures I purchased and painted up to match the colors schemes in the game and in the books. The ships were a bit trickier. I had to sculpt them and cast them in two pieces, the hull of the ship and the sails. The sails had to have the wire mast attached with glue and then the whole thing glued into the hull.

For the footmen and knights I painted up the miniatures but I was not sure if the color scheme would still stand out enough because of all the 3D terrain on the board. They did tend to blend in and so I’ll need to go in and paint the whole base the faction color and then add in a bit of grass just around the figure to finish it. The board is basically done I need to work on the border a bit and finish it. I also need to make the various tracks to show things like victory, and supply. These will each be separate and doubled in size from the game board which will allow for a bit more room for the tokens used to mark the positions of the players.

Overall it is really fun to play on this board and visually I could not be happier. I think it will be a big hit at GenCon or any place you can bring a 3 foot by 5 foot game board into a room that is filled with gaming geeks.

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  • Scott says:

    Your board is very neat! Although, I think it would be better to have the province names not be 3D, since it looks like the areas are already pretty crowded. How do you deal wiht army stacks? Does the large board play any slower? I’m thinking about signing up for your event.

    • Fr. Jenkins says:

      All the times we have played we have never really run into a problem with army placement. most of the terrain was made to set stuff on top of. the province names are actually very flat and the pieces set on them just fine.

  • Dan Palmer says:

    I am sure you are getting more than one of these emails. We just got done registering on the Gen Con web site and the 3D Game of Thrones slots went QUICK !!!
    ANyway, based on what I read above, it doesn’t sound like this is something that is easy to expand, but are you planning on adding any additional slots ??

    • Fr. Jenkins says:

      Im actually not able to add slots as it is a boardgame made for 6 players. Wish I could. Maybe Fantasy Flight could come up with an expansion between now and then.

      • Alex says:

        Hey these guys came up with an awesome version of a nine player game with an altered map, house cards, Westeros deck IV and even Wildling deck. You should totaly check it out if you’re thinking of expanding. I haven’t got to play it yet (because it requires nine people who are cool with book spoilers lol) but it looks evenly matched and just really cool. Here’s the link for it: http://enter-there.com/instructions/

    • Fr. Jenkins says:


      I believe we will be adding two more games. not sure on details as another guys in our club is putting them in the schedule. If I get more info Ill post it.

  • Artemis Entreri says:

    Where can i buy this!?

  • Amin says:

    Hello. Great board, have you thought about attending the ice and fire convention? It is nearby in Ohio every May and we have a board game tournament, would be pretty awesome to play with this if you were interested in joining in on that (and the convention itself is a lot of fun). I actually was in touch with you earlier some time back over tumblr (Amin-j) but I don’t seem to be able to send you a msg on there.

    • Fr. Jenkins says:

      I doubt that I will be able to make it. Its over the weekend and I only get a couple of weekends off a year. plus the spring is a very busy time at the parish. thanks for the invite.

  • Jorge says:

    This is a work of art! So beautiful! How did you manage to recreate the water? It’s absolutely fascinating!

  • John says:

    Hey! I was trying to make this for my own personal game, entirely for use on my own with my friends (not for competitions or anything like that. I was reading over what you said you did and I got all of it except for one thing. How did you get the initial sketches down? Is the size of the areas/provinces the same in both boards?

    • Fr. Jenkins says:

      I actually just took it to a copy store and just had them blowup the actual map board by 250%. I then used spray adhesive and glued it to some poster board. I repeated that until it built up a few layers with each layer being just a little bigger. the one exception was that top layer (the layer with the territories) was two layers thick. that helped to define their edges a little better. hope that helps and good luck.

      • John says:

        Hey, same guy here. Your advice really helped and I am currently buying the supplies to make the board, but I’m having trouble finding proper miniatures. I’ve looked a lot online and can’t seem to find something similar to what you used. I can’t find anything with that base, or something with cavalry. Did you buy yours online? If you did, which website did you use?

        • Fr. Jenkins says:

          I believe they are corvis belli miniatures 100yrs war. they are metal and come unpainted. the bases are just 3mm standard round wooden bases. I think I had two different sizes for horse and infantry.

  • MY Tabletop says:

    This is really awesome! Is it okay for me to share your artworks photo? Inspired us to give this a custom made a try! :)

  • Michael Whitaker says:

    What kind of miniatures did you buy, and from where did you get them?

  • mariana says:

    wow you boardgame is amazing… I would like to know…. in the zones where there should be water, is just a pain or really is there water?

  • Fr. Jenkins says:

    so apparently this has been seen in Germany. Danke

  • Johnny G says:

    And Brazil also!

  • Fr. Jenkins says:

    I don’t know how to say thank you in Portuguese. But thanks in English.

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