Another Winter Project

cuttingI have had a number of projects this winter. One of course is the 3-D board game that is complete and I should be posting some new pictures of it in about a month or so. Another project this winter was a shrine to St. Hubert at the woods. I’ve been wanting to make this for a number of years but just never go around to it. A couple of years ago we cut a poplar tree down but left the stump nice and high so that we could do something with it. I had thought of carving it but I really didn’t think I had the time or the skill to do the job that would like to do on a statue. Instead I settled on a shrine to St. Hubert. For those who do not know St. Hubert is the patron of hunters, which is ironic since his conversion had him give up the hunt. Over the years I have begun to incorporate him in and his intercessions into my prayers particularly when I hunt or am at themisspelling woods. This past year was a great year of hunting. I saw lots of deer nothing big but it was always a nice time in the woods whenever I would sit. For me seeing nature and spending some safe and quiet time in the woods is more important than getting “monster” buck. Don’t get me wrong I’d love to see a big buck but realistically with my schedule it’s more likely not to happen. I simply want to get into the woods and see that beauty and maybe get some meat for the freezer. So with that in mind on my retreat at the beginning of the year I made a shrine to St. Hubert. Using his iconography of a buck with cross in its antlers and he in his bishop vestments. Of course whenever I make something I always have some thing that I mess up, so after correcting the misspelling I hung it up and said the blessing prayer. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and it looks good on the old poplar stump. We might add shingles to the top to help set it off and protect it from the elements. To find out more about St. Hubert you can go to this wiki link.

shrinelarge view

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