Spring Hunting

Before I put the boat in the water and really start fishing I go turkey hunting. It’s been a bust since I left seminary and the happy and plentiful hunting grounds of southern Indiana. To be fair I really didn’t have a place to hunt my first three years but the last three I have had a place and while I don’t have the free time I had I still am able to get out a few days a season. I’ve always tried to take the week of the opener off because it always falls after Easter and I’m usually  ready for a few days off to recuperate from the slam that comes during Holy week and the last weeks of Lent. This year opening day happened to fall the Wednesday after Easter so I went to my woods and friends woods to look for turkey and some quite time away.

plate of mushroomIt turns out that normally there is another season that coincides with turkey season and that is mushroom season and this year it turned out to be my best season. Our woods holds what are locally called the “Black” mushrooms. This subspecies (I guess they are subspecies but I really don’t know) are the earliest to come up and I have heard that if you have these you don’t normally have the other types which are “Yellow” and “Grey”.  Well I found a lot this year. My first day out found about 50 and then the rest of the week found another 20 or so. I know that for some hardcore mushroom hunters this is nothing but for me and our place it’s pretty good. Not to mention that I have not heard of anyone else finding them yet and it’s been a little dry. They were a delicious treat this week.

turkeyOpening day of Turkey found me in a blind on my place. I had heard some gobbles earlier in the week and I had some turkey on the cameras but of course nothing showed up. The next two days I tried at a friend’s place and had better luck. I heard a lot of toms and saw a few hens which at least keeps it interesting. The season is still in for couple of weeks but I’m not sure if I’ll make it out with my schedule. But it was a great week and I had beautiful weather.

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  • julie says:

    Well deserved time off. Easter week worships I was blessed to attend were humbling and joyous!

  • Debbie Gossett says:

    Hey, Father! Years ago at St. Teresa of Avila Parish in Cincinnati our pastor, Fr. Larry Tharp, told us how he enjoyed Morel mushroom hunting every year. He has some property in Oxford. He’s pastor at Sacred Heart in Fairfield.

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