Pascal Candle 2016


transferWe are just about two weeks away from Easter and as in years past I worked to create the Pascal Candle for my parish this year. For those who don’t know the Pascal Candle is normally a large candle used throughout the year in various liturgical celebrations. Its biggest role is at the Easter Vigil which begins around a fire and the Pascal Candle is used to bring that light, which symbolizes the light of Christ, into the Church. Also at the mass it is used to bless the holy water font and its light is passed around as we renew our baptismal promises that evening. The Pascal candle is placed by the ambo where we read scripture for entire Easter season. After that it is placed by the baptismal font and when we have a funeral it is placed by the casket.

filling inIt’s my first Easter at St. Michael so an angel theme seemed appropriate. I tried a different technique this year to help create the art work on the candle. It’s my most detailed design and so to transfer the design onto the candle I needed to use an old trick I learned in art school. I first drew and organized the design on paper. Once I was happy with the design I made a photo copy of it. Next I sprayed the candle down with flat clear coat, (Testor’s Dull Coat to be exact). I then wrapped the copy face against the candle as tight as possible. Next I used acetone and wiped the paper down. The acetone allowed some of the print toner to transfer to the candle. With this done I basically colored it in. I used gold paint and a black marker to put details on the surface.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the results. It took a couple of times before I really figured out how to best transfer the design and even once I figured it out it still left a little to be desired but it was a good guide to start from and certainly made it easier to keep the design centered and level on the round surface of the candle.

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