Since its father’s day I figured I’d post the fathers on my father’s side. This list is the best we have been able to figure in all our research over the years. I’m sure there are inaccuracies and some of this might change in the future but none the less it is always pretty cool to see where we come from.

Jenkins Life span Location occupation Historical event
Thomas Jenkins 1545-1613 Kent England Henry VIII
William Jenkins
Nicholas Jenkins 1580-1631 Purleigh, England Shakespeare

Elizabethan England

Nicholas Jenkins 1624-1673 Purleigh, England

To Virginia 1657



John Jenkins 1658-1717 Westmoreland Co, VA Sailing master Jamestown
Ezekiel Jenkins 1695-1750 Westmoreland Co, VA Fairfax Co, VA Farmer
Ezekiel Jenkins 1728-1812 Westmoreland Co, VA Woodford Co, KY Farmer French and Indian War

Revolutionary War

William Jenkins 1754-1830 Westmoreland Co, VA Harrison Co, KY Farmer Served as a  guard in US army during Revolutionary War
Elisha Jenkins 1806-1854 Fayette Co, KY Farmer
Nathaniel Jenkins 1833-1902 Lexington KY labor Served in Civil War USA 6th KY Cav
Newton Jenkins 1866-1958 Lexington, KY sawmill
Nathaniel 1901-1978 Lexington, KY carpenter
Russell L. Jenkins Rushville, IN Factory worker
Russell S. Jenkins Rushville, IN Electric worker
Aaron Jenkins Rushville, IN Catholic priest
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