Wooden Duck Boat

It’s been a little chilly here so the painting has gone slower. I applied a couple of coats a deck paint to both sides and then added a camo pattern with spray paint. The pattern was made by lightly spraying over a mess screen first, like the ones people use for snow fences. I then carved out the cattail pattern and sprayed a green and beige color. I also cut out the padded foam for the bottom. They were 2’x2′ interlocking squares that you use to cover a work room floor. This foam will help me stay quiet and warm. the holes will help me stay out of the water that gets dragged into the boat. After painting I added the doors again and began to cut out the cloth that will cover up the boat. Its a combination of two layout blind covers. It will look a little piece mail but it will work once grass and other vegetation gets put into the stubble straps.

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