Matriarchal line

Lenni and Sadie Rauh    
Mollie (Rauh) Jenkins    
Linda Fay (Durbin) Jenkins    
Isabelle Fay (Kuhn) Durbin Jan. 23, 1932-Oct. 22, 1999 Zion Cemetery
Emma Leona (Kuhn) Kuhn Oct. 22, 1894-Mar. 15, 1960 Zion Cemetery
Nancy Jane (Shadley) Maynard Dec. 5, 1870-1942 Bennett Cemetery, Rays Crossing; married Charles Kuhn and remarried after his death to Frank Maynard
Mary Ann (McColley) Shadley Nov. 25, 1839-Sep. 9, 1922 Blue Ridge Cemetery
Nancy (Trees) McColley Nov. 23, 1815-July 6, 1901 Blue Ridge Cemetery
Mary Ann (Hill) Trees June 1, 1790-July 25, 1863 Born while crossing the Atlantic, Irish buried blue ridge Cemetery Moved to Rush County 1823
Elizabeth Jane (Whitlow) Hill   Ulster, Ireland
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