England Trip Days 11-14

The 11 day of the trip we traveled south to Hastings. The famous site of the battle between Harold and William that began the Norman conquest. We then headed over to Pevensey Castle which William built to gain a foothold. Later that night we traveled north to Whitstable to eat some oysters.

Day 12 we stop by the new memorial for the Battle of Britain. A beautiful sight that over looked the channel. Next was Dover Castle and huge complex on an impressive chalk hill. The Castle has played a major role in British history from the Iron age up until World War II. We then walked a little on the white cliffs which were bright white with green growth all around.

Day 13 was a pilgrimage to Canterbury. The famous pilgrim site of the medieval time. Still a place of prayer. We stopped in the cathedral and saw where Thomas of Canterbury (Becket) was martyred and saw the gorgeous stone work and windows. I then stopped by the little church of St. Thomas, a catholic church. I prayed at the relics of St. Thomas in the martyr’s chapel that also held statues of St. Thomas Moore and St. John Fisher who martyrdom we celebrate today. After talking with the associate pastor for a while and going to confession we headed over to St. Augustine’s Abbey and St. Martins church. Both ancient sites of Christianity for Saxon England. We then headed to Lulling Stone Roman Villa and also a site where Christianity was present as there was a beautiful old mosaic of Christ there. It was interesting to see how Christian art came into the villa over time. We finished off this very full day by visiting Windsor castle in London.

Our Last day we spent traveling to Westminster Cathedral the present cathedral of Catholic cardinal in London. It reminded me a lot of our national shrine and basilica here in DC as it was in the neo-byzantine style. But it lacked all the mosaics but they are slowly putting them up. We then headed to the British Museum and saw some amazing art particularly the Egyptian section with the Rosetta stone. They also had some great dark age and medieval art. We finished by walking to Buckingham palace, parliament, Westminster Abbey, as well as Big Ben. We called it an early night and headed back to pack up and get some rest before our early flights the next morning.

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