England Trip days 6-10

Day 6 we traveled into York and saw the Cathedral and the remnants of old Norman castle Clifford’s tower. York was controlled for a long time by the Vikings and so there are a number of places that have Viking names including the two rivers of York. There is also a historical site in downtown York that you can visit. After most of the day in York we traveled out to the ruins of Rievaulx Abbey which were quit haunting and then visited Helmsley Castle just down the road forms the abbey.

Day 7 we drove very far north almost to Scotland and say the Holy Island. This is the spot of the first Viking raid in England. It was also home to a priory of monks and is a beautiful place with the North Sea as a backdrop. While up there we went to Bamburgh just south of Holy Island and visit its Castle which has been restored and updated. On our way, back to Cawood we stopped along Hadrian’s wall which was amazing to see.

Day 8 saw us traveling to a small town called Selby to look for a window that is said to be inspiration for the American flag. The window contained the crest of the Washington’s which show stars and stripes. We then head back south to East Anglia and saw the old Island of Ely and its Cathedral. And then traveled to possibly the coolest named town Bury St. Edmund. We saw the old Abbey.

On Day 9 we woke up and visited Stow village which is a recreation of an old Saxon village. It was fascinating to see how they constructed their huts and homes. We then continued with the Saxon theme and visited Sutton Hoo which is an important burial ground for the Saxons. Kings and nobles were buried here in the finery and in their ships which were then covered with dirt.

Day 10 we saw the battle field at Maldon which was battle between the Vikings and Saxons. We then traveled to little town called Purleigh which according to my records is the small town that that first Jenkins in my line traveled from to come over to the new world in over 400 years ago. Now a days it’s becoming famous for making sparkling wine. We finished the day by traveling to Rochester and seeing the castle and cathedral. Finishing our night with the first of two nights at the beautiful Leeds Castle.

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