Saga for Kids

A couple of weeks ago while on vacation with my family. I took my Saga stuff to get together with a friend who lives close to the vacation spot and play one afternoon. We played a couple of times and it was fun as always. My nieces and nephew are getting to the age where they like games. Simple board games even chess. Since I was with them and it was raining a couple of days I decided I would give miniatures a try with them.

I started off simple. I set up the game with 4 figures in 3 groups per side. Each group was different. One cavalry, one spearmen, and one archers. I didn’t put out any terrain or board to play on we started off on the bare table. I assigned two symbols to each group on the saga dice. They got to roll 4 dice, one for each group plus one. They had to assign the dice per group based on the roll. Each dice was an action, move, attack, or shooting. If they lost an entire group they lost a dice.  For attacking it was simple 5+ to hit and 5+ to save. Cavalry moved at long (12”) and foot at medium (6”). Archers shot at long.  

I was amazed at how quickly they picked it up. They had the rules down by the second game and as true gamers they tried to “stretch” the rules on occasion. For the rest of the week they wanted to play each day and we would play a few games each time since they only took 15 to 20 minutes to play.

I also added to the complexity of the game as the week went on. I brought in a board and terrain. I also allowed them to designate one of their groups as their “good guys” this unit was allowed to hit and save on 4+. By the end of week, they were playing each other and I rarely had to intervene. I even started to teach them gaming etiquette such shacking hands and the end, cocked dice, and properly measuring their movement.

All in all, it was pretty cool to see how they took to it and even wanted to play often. They had fun and the games seemed to take about the right amount of time for their attention span. If you’re a wargamer and you want the miniature hobby to grow. I think it’s a great way to get kids interested. If you play saga then try this out and see what they think. This simple game teaches the fundamentals of miniature gaming and hopefully will help the hobby grow.

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